Crown Lengthening

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Crown lengthening is a simple periodontal procedure that exposes more of a tooth by removing a small amount of gum tissue. The most common reasons for crown lengthening are to correct a “gummy” smile by creating a more aesthetic gumline and to expose more tooth surface prior to the placement of a dental crown or bridge, giving it additional support for increased stability.

What Happens During a Crown Lengthening Procedure

The first step in crown lengthening is numbing the affected area with a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Dr. Cooper then removes excess gum tissue, along with a small amount of bone. Your gums are rinsed with a sterile saltwater solution, then sutured in place. A bandage may be used to promote healing.

In the hours after your procedure, the local anesthetic will wear off and you’ll start to notice that the surgical site is swollen and sore. We’ll provide you with a mouth rinse and pain medication to relieve any discomfort, prevent infection, and encourage your gums to heal. We encourage you to take some time to recover and rest after your procedure, limiting any physical exertion. After two or three days have passed, you can resume physically challenging activities and heavy lifting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Lengthening

How painful is a crown lengthening procedure?

Crown lengthening procedures are not painful because a local anesthetic is used to numb the treated area. Once this wears off, you will start to experience some tenderness at the surgical site, but following our aftercare instructions will help manage any discomfort.

Is crown lengthening worth it?

Yes, crown lengthening is worth it. If you feel self-conscious about your smile, crown lengthening can help you feel confident by creating a more balanced gumline. Patients who need crown lengthening for a restoration will have a greater chance of a successful outcome if they get crown lengthening first.

How much does crown lengthening cost?

The cost of crown lengthening depends on how much work is needed. Cosmetic crown lengthening is often needed on multiple teeth, so it typically costs more than crown lengthening performed on a single tooth for a restoration.

Can I go back to work after crown lengthening?

You can go back to work after crown lengthening, but it’s important to consider that your gums may be swollen and uncomfortable, and until your local anesthetic fully wears off, your speech may be affected. For these reasons, many patients choose to rest at home after their crown lengthening procedure.

How long after crown lengthening can I get a crown?

It usually takes about three months for the gums to fully heal after crown lengthening; at this time, you can have a crown placed.

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