How Much Are Dental Implants in Nassau County, NY?

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Dental implants are the only solution for missing teeth that addresses the consequences of tooth loss both above and below the gum line. Because dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth, they prevent bone loss in the jaw, resulting in a stronger bite, more stable restoration, and even a more youthful appearance. 

Despite all of the benefits of dental implants, many patients have concerns about paying for them, which is understandable—dental implants are a significant investment. Below, we’ll answer some of the most common questions we hear about the cost of dental implants in Nassau County.

What do dental implants cost in Nassau County?

The cost of dental implants in Nassau County can range from $3000 to $4500 for a single-tooth dental implant, including the crown that replaces the visible portion of the missing tooth and the abutment piece that connects the implant and crown.

If you need a different type of implant-supported restoration, estimating the cost can be more complicated. The price can vary a great deal depending on the number of teeth being replaced, the type of restoration being used (a crown, denture, or bridge), and the materials used to create the restoration. 

Complicating matters further, many patients need supplemental procedures before dental implant surgery, including tooth extractions, sinus lifts, and bone grafting. These, too, have an impact on the overall cost involved in getting dental implants.

The only way to get an accurate estimate of what dental implants will cost for you is to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

Dental implants are more expensive than bridges and dentures because they replace an entire tooth—both the root and the crown (i.e., the tooth above the gum line). Bridges and dentures don’t replace the root, which means they restore the appearance of your smile and much of the function of your teeth, but jawbone loss will continue.

Because dental implants replace a tooth’s roots, the process of placing them is more complicated and involves a surgical procedure, biocompatible materials, additional appointments, and planning. This is why dental implants cost more than bridges and dentures. The good news is that implants are meant to last a lifetime, so they’re an investment that pays off.

Does insurance pay for dental implants?

It’s not common for dental insurance providers to cover the cost of dental implants, but there are some providers that will cover the costs under certain circumstances. For example, some insurers will cover dental implants if you’ve already experienced bone loss in the jaw. Others may pay for the restorations that attach to your implants, but not the implants themselves. If you’ve lost your teeth after an accident or oral cancer, your health insurance might also provide coverage. We are happy to help you understand your benefits.

Are dental implants worth it?

Yes, dental implants are worth it. They look, feel, and function more like natural teeth than any other replacement option for missing teeth. Our dental implant patients are thrilled with the results of their procedures.

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